Exclusive Ticket to the "RICKLAND 2022" Private Event.


Rickland 2022 is a private, exclusive fan meet. A limited number of fans will enjoy a magical experience with Ricky Whittle and Richard Rankin.


RICKLAND 2022 Ultimate Fan Experience:



The Experience Includes:


* One (1) one day Theme Park ticket


* Group dining experience will be provided (alcohol not included)


* One (1) Exclusive Rickland VIP Tote to include:

-One (1) Richard Rankin (pre-signed) 8x10 photo (personalization available)

-One (1) Ricky Whittle (pre-signed) 8x10 photo (personalization available)

-Additional surprise goodies


* Multiple selfie opportunities


* Two (2) exclusive group photo opportunities


* Dedicated on site event host



"Rickland 2020" rules and code of conduct


-No video shoutouts. You are allowed to take videos during the event of the park for your personal use. Do not ask to call or leave videos for non-attendees.  


-No posting on social media during the event. In order to prevent people trying to join us, we ask that you do not post our locations during the event.


-The event is 18+


-All tickets are non-refundable but are transferable. If you decided to transfer your ticket to someone else let IDDS MGMT know immediately so we can update our roster.


-If a talent cancels, we will do everything to replace him with one or more talents. If the new roster does not work for you a Refund is available minus a $250 Processing Fee. 


All information given to participants before the event is subject to an NDA that you will sign. You will also sign an Accident Waiver. 


-No hogging the talent’s time. Please be mindful you are sharing this experience with others. If you have an issue please speak with your onsite event host.


-Keep in mind you are must obey all rules of the theme park.


-Be mindful this is a walking and outdoor experience, dress appropriately & wear appropriate footwear.



-If you break any of these rules you will be expelled from the event without a refund. 


You must agree to the Rules of Conduct and sign an NDA and a waiver.


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The Lanie Labens "Halston Blake" Book Series - SIGNED/PERSONALIZED





The Wolf Chase (Book 2)

Between a thriving business and a delicate new marriage, Cheerio has her hands full. So when Asher shows up out of the blue she's thrown for a loop. Determined to stay the course and not get distracted by her former beau proves harder than she imagined as she and Asher are once again thrust together. To top it all off someone has been following her and she needs Asher's help to figure out why.


The Bear Moon (Book 1)


Between the suspicious death of her pack’s previous alpha, her fiancé’s subsequent appointment as new pack leader and his philandering, Cheerio’s suburban werewolf dream life quickly begins to unravel before her wedding. As she grapples with how to cope with the harsh reality of her situation, a new player, Asher, enters the stage and further disrupts the world as she knows it. Asher is part of an elite group of ruthless, bear, shape-shifting, mercenaries called Ursinairies hired to protect the country club werewolves. It should be an easy gig, but Asher gets more than he bargained for when he meets Cheerio. He was hired to guard her body and nothing more. Will Cheerio and Asher give it all up for whirlwind tryst? Or deny their true feelings to preserve the status quo?



Love, Death, and Vampires: an Otherworldly Anthology

In this fantasy anthology, Halston Blake takes you to a world you've never seen. Meet a cute, young couple with one big problem: he's dead. Vampire sisters will show what four hundred years of sibling rivalry looks like. How would a siren sing karaoke? Love, Death, and Vampires proves you don't have to be human to have human problems.Looking for a quick read? These vignettes all average about 1200 words!


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