Rickland FAQ:


Thank you for your interest in our event! Here are the answers for a few frequently asked questions:


My name is Lanie and I own IDDS MGMT. We rep Ricky Whittle for convention appearances. I’ve been working on the talent side of conventions for nine years. I think conventions are a beautiful way for fans to connect with their favorite actors/artists/writers etc. However, I am aware, conventions are not the right environment for everyone. One Day in Rickland is an idea we dreamed up to give fans an intimate experience outside of the confines of a convention. 


-Rickland is an immersive experience with Ricky Whittle and Richard Rankin with a limited number of fans at an upscale Private Event in Los Angeles. 


-The event is limited to 15 fans (first year's tickets sold out in within the first 72 hours they were on sale)


-We will have a staff onsite to assist with any needs that might arise during the experience. 


- There will be Catering, Events, potential additional Celebs, Open Bar, and more! 


-You can take as many photos as you’d like, but please be considerate of your fellow attendees. You will be able to do social media of the event during the event. Being a private event allows for additional security and we can open that option! 


-Autographs will be pre-signed.


- Vaccinations and proof of Negative Covid required. 


-If you have any questions please reach out to me at: lanie@iddsmgmt.com