Rickland FAQ:


Thank you for your interest in our event! Here are the answers for a few frequently asked questions:


My name is Lanie and I own IDDS MGMT. We rep Ricky Whittle for convention appearances. I’ve been working on the talent side of conventions for seven years. I think conventions are a beautiful way for fans to connect with their favorite actors/artists/writers etc. However, I am aware, conventions are not the right environment for everyone. One Day in Rickland is an idea we dreamed up to give fans an intimate experience outside of the confines of a convention. 


-Rickland is immersive experience with Ricky Whittle and Richard Rankin with a limited number of fans at an amusement park in Los Angeles, CA. 


-The event is limited to 15 fans (last year tickets sold out in within the first 72 hours they were on sale)


-We will have a staff onsite to assist with any needs that might arise during the experience. 


-Your park ticket is good for an entire day, we will not cover the whole park during our time but you are welcome to stay. 


-The ticket includes fast passes for every ride, once. 


-We will meet the park in the morning, at a designated spot. Spend a good portion of the day there, and share a meal together. During that time you’ll be able to take pictures with the guys, ask them any of your burning questions and most importantly make memories to last a life time.


-You can take as many photos as you’d like, but please be consider of your fellow attendees.


-NO videos 


-To protect the privacy of the event we ask that you do not live update our location by posting real time photos/tweets/social media updates. 


-Autographs will be pre-signed.


-We will distribute gift bags at the end of the day so you don’t have to carry them around. 


-If you have any questions please reach out to me at: lanie@iddsmgmt.com 



-Tickets go on sale January 1st, noon central time.